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STAC.1 is a secure transaction aggregation console capable of linking up to 45 concurrent devices via multiple downlink interfaces like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS232 and USB. The device also support several highly available IP uplink through interfaces like GSM/3G and dual port 100Mbps Ethernet. The Ethernet ports support ASDL and several other IP based data communication links.



STAC.1 is equipped with a 400MHz processor running the Coherent+ custom Linux 3.x kernel with SQL-Lite pre-compiled. It is certified to connect up to 45 downlink devices via Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet. It supports RS232 and USB connections as well

• Dual - SIM, GSM/3G/4G

• Dual - 100 Mbps Ethernet ports (can be downlink too)


1. 3 X High Speed RS232

2. 2 X Full Speed USB Host

3. 1 X 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi

Security 1. PCI approved WPA2/PSK for Level 1 Authentication 2. CoherentPlus Standard for Strong Keys 3. Industrial Accepted SSL encryption technology 4. CoherentPlus standards for secure devices

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